Our Installations

Below is the list of the most recent Smart LED Display System installations and services with the general application description and country

Installations of Server Integrated Solutions

  • Muuga Port (EST) – Information displays
  • Vaalimaa (FIN) – Parking area movement directing display
  • Liikennevirasto (FIN) – Trucks waiting area displays
  • Kybartai (LIT) – Vehicles waiting area
  • Medininkai (LIT) – Traffic management
  • Durga Terminal (LIT) – Truck terminal
  • Raigardas & Lavoriš (LIT) – Traffic management
  • Šalcininkai (LIT) – Light traffic management
  • Šalcininkai Truckpark (LIT) – Truckpark

Sport Event Scoring Solution

  • Estonian Beachsoccer Cup Finals 2017 (EST) – Sports Scoring Solution
  • Estonian Beachsoccer Cup Semi-Finals 2017 (EST) – Sports scoring solution
  • Viljandi Folgivolle (EST) – Scoring Solution for beachvolley event

Installations of Standalone and Hybrid Solutions