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Frequently Asked Questions About LED

What brightness value my LED solution should have?

Determining the right brightness for your application is extremely important. Having a screen that is not bright enough, or too bright, can render your installation useless and ineffective.

Here are a few things to consider when designing your LED wall:

- Indoor Brightness: 1000-1500 nits is enough for most indoor use

- Outdoor Brightness at close viewing: 3000-4000 nits is usually enough for most situations

- Outdoor Brightness with direct sun: up to 5,000 + nits should be enough in most situations

What is Resolution ?

Resolution is the physical distance measured in millimeters from the center of one pixel to its closest neighboring pixel. The higher the number, the less pixels and the lower the resolution; the smaller the number, the more pixels and higher the resolution. Let’s take one more step. Resolution is the number of pixels contained in the physical area of your LED display. The more pixels you have per square meter, the more detail your wall will display. Overall suitable resolution for your screen should be determined by display size, pixel technology, pixel pitch and viewing distance.

How big screen I should have?

Selecting the best size is one of the biggest challenge at the start of the project. You would like to have as big screen as possible but it all comes down to investments, rule of the thumb is – the bigger the screen the higher the price. So you end up making a choice of selecting the smallest display possible for your project. From there you should consider the viewing distance and make decision based on that. As quality LED displays do not come cheap, there is a tendency to go for a smaller rather than bigger display. So you should be careful not to make this compromise in expense of client satisfaction. Viewing distances are somewhat subjective, but can roughly be calculated based on the display type and the distance from the display.

What is the LED screen minimum viewing distance ?

Ampron Professional Service Solutions

Audiences and Clients today have higher expectations than ever before. Maximizing benefits of your display investment and the opportunities it offers is vital. Our dedicated Professional Services team can help. In addition to providing the world's highest standard of displays and control systems, we offer a variety of Professional Services. These services are customizable to meet your needs. Ampron Professional Services provides opportunities that enhance our Client's abilities to engage and entertain their audiences. These services fall into two key areas of expertise: Technical and Creative. While each of these solutions are offered independently, they are most effective when combined and integrated into a solution to complement your existing capabilities.


Our experience with both display and control systems hardware helps you analyse and implement new technologies to achieve your desired goals. Our first priority is to understand your business needs. From there we give advice and options for you to decide, what is the best technical solution to go with. We map down the full technical solution into what is called solution design document. That is the basis of our production and project implementation.


With a deep understanding of both the display and control technology, we develop content which creates a seamless production that engages, informs and entertains audiences. Stylish visuals are our top priority in every detail. We strive towards great visual impact and may help you do the same with the content you display. Ampron Creative Services is a full service creative team that offers extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of LED content.