Digital Factory & Production Signage

Production Status

- Display production problems to your staff, for example monitoring reject rates by comparing them to target or previous actuals

- Show the status of your tasks in real time

- Safety status or a state of alert

- Production counters

- Restriction area information

- ... and many more custom variants


Show important or motivational announcements to your staff at production facility. Raise the awareness by bringing information right to the workplace in a bright way. Announcements may be in a form of scrolling text, videoclip, input from your current informational system or exeternal source for example news from the company intranet.

Operational Procedures

Display operational procedures to your staff. That way they are always informed and have visual on the next steps they have to take in their ops work.

Security Level Indicator

Display your current security level at the display. That will give great visual notification to your staff on the current situation. On a more complicated solution you may add for a status change the additional directions or information on the next steps your staff should do according to the current security level. There are multitude of possibilities there. Just map out your vision or contact us for a consultation. We are sure, together we will come up with a solution that best fits your budget, operational needs and timeframe.

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