Smart LED Clock Solutions

Our LED clock solutions vary from the simplest ones to a more complicated ones. It all depends your application or needs. We don’t want you to spend more than you need for your operations. We could build you the simplest watches where there is just simple one clock without sync functions. Or we could go further and build you the watch with NTP time synrhonisation capabilities. Or we could add a bit more to it and make it user configurable, allowing you to define your time zones, label them to your preference, and select your color scheme. One more step futher and we could build you the clock for critical operations environment, will it be military, naval or any other synced time critical usage application. Our web based user interface solution allows you to configure the zones and labels from any computer on your network. Indoor and outdoor options are available.

Optional and Selectable Features

  • Customize labels and time zones
  • Select the ideal colors and fonts for your clock
  • Background color and company logo selection
  • Times synchronize to NTP server
  • User interface accessible through web browser