We set the bar high and aim to exceed expectations

Our focus is to help customers achieve their business goals

Who we are?

Our journey started in 2012 when we realized the need for convenient communication protocol and modern rugged LED message board solutions.

Established and run by people with the background in military and civil aviation. Prior leadership and aviation systems management and systems development expertise over 18 years.

Production and product development are done 100% in Estonia, Europe.

Organizational management is based on the ISO9001 standard. The principles of LEAN are used in production. Project management uses the PRINCE2 methodology. Full focus is at our people and customer expectations.

What do we provide to the industry?

The primary product line is modern Rugged LED Message Board Solution that is fit for purpose even in harsh environmental conditions. The solution is a sum of high-quality modern full-color matrix LED message board and Ampron software-based communication protocol.

Message boards and video displays are provided at a variety of sizes and according to the customer specific technical specifications. In addition to products, Ampron provides Client specific full solutions development.

What is our edge? 

Our patented LED message board communication protocol software. It makes possible to visualize any third-party input reliably and without additional video controller.

Our central server software AmpronLED is modular in its nature and designed with scalability and integrations in mind. The key strength of AmpronLED software is live information processing capability and server integrated solutions with fully autonomous operation modes by handling hundreds of units simultaneously. That makes our software reliable for use in such critical environments as ports, aviation, military etc.

  • Integration with third-party systems (eg ANPRs, automation controllers) via HTTP, FTP, MODBUS, XML, RS485, and many other protocols
  • Autonomous functioning and information processing
  • Extensive monitoring and logging

See our API to have a more in-depth look at our software-to-software based communication protocol: http://api.ampron.eu

Content configurations are as easy as adding lines of code into JSON files. Literally. There are basically only two files to set up in order to start sending information to the message boards. Data transfer and integrations are completely based on a software-to-software basis. No video-controllers needed.

Ampron LED variable message board software based communication protocol description

The configuration of the back-end software is simple and logical. In addition, we have our own software development capability.

We do back-end and front-end software development. It gives us the advantage to produce server software and UI/UX according to client specific requirements. For-example, see this simple front-end web-based user interface.

We created that for our Threat Level Indicator Solution.

What solutions can be built with our cool hardware and software?

Our hardware and software enables cost-effective development and implementing customer-specific solutions for mission-critical applications requiring to visualize information for the end-user. Provide behavioral and/or operational instructions.

Possible solutions across broad industries vary from simplest static ones to solutions that are based on complex logic automation and input from third-party sensors or software. Solutions that are based on user interaction are also possible, in which all activities are 100% logged.


  • Modern content visualization possibilities;
  • Best weatherproof hardware solution in the world;
  • Seamless integrations with third-party systems;
  • Worlds slimmest LED message board for mission-critical solutions;
  • Highest quality product and project management in its class.


We understand the importance of project management. A customer-centric approach is the cornerstone of our advantages.

Our project managers have extensive experience in the execution of complex projects. Whatever your application, your project manager will ensure that the system is built to your specifications, seamlessly integrated, and optimized to your use case.

Our project management phases:

P1 Needs & Requirements: Together with you, we will clarify Your expectations and set the basis for the product or solution requirements

P2 Design Phase: We prepare technical documentation for the production

P3 Production Phase: Manufacture the LED message boards or solution

P4 Factory Acceptance: Perform Factory Tests

P5 Shipment: Shipment of the equipment to the Your warehouse

P6 Installation: You will perform hardware installation at own discretion or we will do that for you


With our patented software-based communication protocol:

  1. For potential users, the integrations and content configurations are as easy as adding lines into JSON file. There are basically only two files to configure in order to start sending information to the message boards. See also our API – http://api.ampron.eu
  2. Data transfer is completely based on a software-to-software basis and it means low data transfers. No video-controllers needed. This way we assure the installations are simple and trustworthy in a long run.

We have two main types of hardware configurations:

  1. One is the most modern and thinnest rugged design but still the most modern available on the market in content management and display wise.
  2. Another model is for usage in the applications where the first one would not be financially viable. It is still modern, thinner than the previous one but without front glass protection.

Both options are available in custom sizes, ask for details or come over to our factory for consultations.


  • We belive in long-term partnerships
  • We are focused to be your trustful partner
  • We manufacture the most modern LED message boards for Your solutions.
  • We do it in Europe, Estonia according to best LEAN manufacturing practices.
  • We have great track record and history of project and quality management in military and aviation.
  • Our hardware is the most modern you have ever seen.

Invite us to Your office with the demo unit and be convinced by seeing and touching. Contact us for arrangements.


We believe in personal contacts and connections. Finding out customer expectations always comes first, before we even start to sell anything.

Independent sales managers can make it happen. Contact our team to apply for our unique sales angel program. Your fruitful efforts will be awarded. Be part of this great LED journey that we are on and send your application to our team at team@ampron.eu


Do You think you could distribute our products around the world? Please contact us and talk more about that. We have great sales supporting materials and we are the trustful partner.

To get started with the cooperation, we just need You to get in contact with us

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