Large Digital Wall Clocks

Awareness and time information is important as ever. Time is money, everyone knows it. Time in aviation means safety and lives. We have done timing solutions for aviation solutions, so we know the importance of it.

We have various types of clock and timing options to choose from:

Indoor and Outdoor Industrial and Commercial Digital Wall Clocks

Designed for use in factories, production and process facilities, hospital and clinics, operations centres, schools, gyms and other sports and leisure facilities, transport systems, trading rooms, warehouses and all types of offices and public areas with optional Ethernet NTP for simple 'plug and play' installation, numerous installation and operational options and multi-function stopwatch capability.

For all of our products, there are countless options for mounting. If you have a specific need, then just let us know and we will make it happen. If you don't have a specific need, then here are just some of the options to choose from:

  • Surface wall mounting;
  • Flush wall mounting supplied with a mounting box for installation in a solid wall;
  • Flush mounting for fixing in a panel with rear access and supplied with rear clamps;
  • Single sided ceiling suspension;
  • Double-sided ceiling suspension

Our product ranges are available with a choice of display sizes and with a variety of different case styles and finishes to suit almost every type of application requirement.

If we do not have a standard product that exactly meets your requirement please ask us to quote for the design and manufacture of a special unit for your application.

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