Direction and Amount of Free Parking Spaces LED Signs. AmpronLED software JSON file configuration by Ampron:

Parking Availability Display Signs

To display the available free parking spaces and the notification when there’s no spaces left. We may put for you together the simplest solution to a more complex ones. Just tell us your story and we will go from there.


Dynamic parking guidance signs based on LED Display are more informative and current. You will have more flexibility to show the users the current status or direct them to other routes. Technology that we use lets you create visually great solutions by including videos or moving arrows. and so on.

You will find suitable products from our selection of our latest model - Compact LED Message Boards


Display the directions you want for people or drivers to follow. There’s an option to put together simpler solutions with fixed directions or go a bit more complex ones where directions change based on your needs. You could go more complex and make the solution change the directions based on any other input - will it be traffic conditions, traffic consumption or whatever you come up with or your vision dictates.


You have a lot of various easy options to integrate our display solution into your software or parking solution. See more at our Software page.

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