36 hours Nordic Tests for Dynamic Parking Guidance LED Sign

Ampron Outdoor Dynamic Parking Guidance LED Sign Model DS-320x160 Nordic Tests
We put through Nordic tests all of our outdoor dynamic parking guidance led signs. Here are the example of one of the tests.

Our dynamic parking guidance LED signs are put through various extream tests. As a result, we find out the breaking point of our displays. This will ensure that we stay behind our words and numbers.

See the clip of our Nordic tests. The display is put into the deep snow and powered up for 36 hours.

In conclusion, we can say that our LED sign performed very well and all pixels worked. That means more of various tests for this model, until we find out the breaking point.

What product was it?

Tests were conducted for our new Dynamic Parking Guidance LED Sign DS-320×160-P8 model. Go see the technical specifications. If this fits into your project, then please contact us.

How to integrate our Dynamic Parking Guidance LED Signs to your solution?

That is very easy. We have created an article that describes it. Go see and read our Use Case example.

Want to see more of our tests?

Do you like such testing posts and videos? Let us know under the Youtube comments or write to us directly: team@ampron.eu

Stay tuned for future tests.

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