Communication protocol

Based on our proprietary content management software API for mission critical applications

Our goal is to achieve these three:

  • effortless integrations for developers
  • stability for mission-critical applications
  • simplicity and flexibility

Our communication protocol is based on HTTP(S) GET requests and is that simple:



Our main difference from competitors is our own developed LED message board content management software, which makes it possible to integrate and visualize any third-party input fast, reliably and without any additional technical hardware solutions. Our proprietary content management software AmpronLED is modular in its nature and designed with scalability and integrations in mind. The key strength of AmpronLed software is live information processing capability and server integrated solutions with fully autonomous operation modes by handling hundreds of units simultaneously. That makes our software reliable for use in such critical environments as ports, aviation, military etc.

  • Integration with third-party systems (eg ANPRs, automation controllers) via HTTP(S), FTP, MODBUS, XML, RS485, and many other protocols
  • Autonomous functioning and information processing
  • Monitoring and loggin

Content configurations are as easy as adding lines of code into JSON files. Literally. There are basically only two files to set up in order to start sending information to the message boards. Data transfer and integrations are completely based on a software-to-software basis. No video controllers are needed. See more from our API page.

Ampron LED variable message board software based communication protocol description

The configuration and integration with the back-end software are simple and logical. In addition, our advantage is that we have our own software development capability. That is both back-end and front-end software. It gives us the advantage to produce server software and UI according to client-specific requirements.


Our philosophy behind user interfaces is that it has to be as simple as possible. That means, we leave out everything that the user would not need.

Here is an example of a user interface we did for the Tallinn Airport deployable LED message board solution.

See more of our example web app user interfaces:

Go-NOGo Web App

Emergency Status Web App

Follow-Me Web App


Our hardware and software solution enables cost-effective development and implementing Client-specific solutions for mission-critical applications requiring the user to visualize information, behavioral and/or operational instructions.

Possible solutions vary from simplest static solutions to solutions that are based on complex logic automation and input from third-party sensors or software. Solutions that are based on user interaction are also possible, in which all activities are 100% logged.


We also provide content management solutions.

For budget projects, we provide out-of-the-box windows OS-based software. That is suitable for most of the use cases. There are various options from simple text, picture, video, etc. to a more complicated program and timing options. Contact us for more details.

To get more complicated web-based solutions that are integrated with your solution or product, we first will listen to your needs and then develop the full solution for you. To start up this process, just contact us and tell us your needs. We will then quote you a ballpark budget needed for this.


We have patented a software-based communication protocol to achieve two things:

  1. For potential users, the integrations and content configurations are as easy as adding lines into JSON file. There are basically only two files to configure in order to start sending information to the message boards.
  2. Data transfer is completely based directly on a software-to-software basis and it means low data transfers. No video-controllers needed. This way we assure the installations are simple and trustworthy in a long run.

See more on our API page

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