Crypto Chart Info Wallscreen

Crypto Chart Wall Screen - Bictoin, Ethereum, Cardano
Minimalistic full-screen Bitcoin chart with running ticker that removes clutter and lets you focus on the most important info.

The Problem

Our customer needed a simple chart shown on the TV screen for information at the office. He was looking for many charts online but couldn’t find something simple and minimalistic. Most were with ads and a lot of visual clutter. In addition, they had a hard time finding some simple and minimalistic content visualisation solutions.

The Solution

We coded a very simplistic dashboard, where is a chart and scrolling ticker. Charts are by Tradingview which has done an awesome job of providing widgets. From there it is simple to copy code from widgets and set them up in a visually appealing way.

From there we use our AmpronLED headless content management solution and visualise it on our CMS hardware.

Chart by Tradingview

The Customer can switch the charts by simply pointing their phone camera to a QR code that reads the HTTP GET request and sends the command to our headless player. Another way is to save the link on the phone dashboard as an icon and by clicking it, a certain setup is opened on our player that shows the result on the LCD TV screen. So simple, so minimalistic.

The Other Usages

If you want to have four charts at the same time, then here’s the dashboard link:, then in iOS select from the Safari browser: “Add to Home Screen”. Then you have for yourself a nice web app with a fullscreen chart. If you only want one chart, then here’s a link for the Bitcoin chart: By the way, you can choose another cryptocurrency or stock from the list.

Charts by Tradingview

Our Headless CMS Player

Check out our Headless CMS Player. If you need something like this on your wall or info TV then just contact us and we will provide the quote.

Ampron Headless CMS Player

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