EN 50121 Series Railway LCD Displays

EN 50121 Series Ampron LCD DIsplays for Railway
Our railway displays have been designed to work as a complete system within a larger train or mass transit management network. Our proprietary API-based content management solution makes integrations seamless and flexible to automatically deliver real-time train or bus status and related information to a display. The screen layout, images, and video can also be controlled.

Our EN 50121 LCD displays can be placed at metro entrances, along with platforms, and in connecting concourses. LCD-TFT displays can show more detailed information as well as advertisements.

Train stations serving regional and intercity rail can offer passengers complete information throughout the station.
We provide double-sided, single-sided, outdoor, indoor, and totem-style display solutions. These should cover well all the needs one would have in mass transit stations.

LCD EN 50121 Series

Complete In-House Production

We control the entire design and production process—from design to delivery. That gives us the flexibility to meet various custom needs for specific locations or procurement requirements.

Quick & Easy Maintenance

Components are designed for easy removal and spare parts are available for plug and play replacement—allowing a longer lifetime for the entire display.

Environmental Resistance

Our EN 50121 Series LCD Displays are resistant to both vandal and environmental factors, including the capability to operate in extreme temperatures, cold start, humidity, and precipitation.

Regulatory Compliance

Our products are compliant with many international standards, which include:

  • EN 55032
  • EN 55035
  • EN IEC 62368-1
  • EN 50121-4
  • EN 60529 (IP54, IP65)
  • EN 62262 (IK08)
  • EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU

Also covering legacy standards:

  • EN55022, EN55013, EN55103
  • EN55024, EN 55020
  • EN60950
Totem outdoor LCD/TFT vertical 55" Single sided

It takes a great team to design and build a display system that can perform reliably over the long run. That is what we are focused on. Bringing long-lasting trouble-free products to our customers.

See the selection of our rugged LCD models on the product page.

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