Smart Bus Shelters: Expectations vs. Reality

Smart Bus Shelters: Expectations vs. Reality
In this article, we will go over some of the things you would need to consider while deciding where you buy your Smart Bus Shelter.

We get it, you have heard the buzzword “smart city bus shelter” but you are not pretty sure, what to want. Or the other way, have specific expectations of what you need, but not sure if these expectations are too high. We will try to explain the technical realities and possibilities that are available from the industry in the year 2021.

Design and Reality

While you search for the manufacturers of Smart Bus Shelters, you end up seeing nice pictures, mostly 3D. Always try to prefer those, who show real pictures of their real work in addition to just 3D concepts. While it is somewhat easy to come up with a 3D concept, it is totally another thing to build it.

Real-Time Information

Solution providers promise thing like “provides real-time information to the users”. While it might be true, in reality, it might come at an extra cost. As usually those solutions are complex and cost a lot. So be cautious and ask for additional information about this.

Marketing Buzzwords vs. Reality

Be careful what you read as marketing buzzwords and what is included in reality. The trick that usually used, is that manufacturers put up keywords on their homepages to lure you in to search for the smart bus shelter. They write what smart bus shelters could do but it might not be the case for that particular model that they provide. Remember all those commercials on the TV that promise another next best thing in sports equipment or kitchen knife etc. Hope you get the point.

The Cold Truth and Reality

We don’t want to break it to you, but you should be modest in your needs while looking for a smart city bus shelter. While holograms and other cool gadgets that you have heard in news might seem like a good idea and futuristic, they are not suitable in the public use environment. At least not yet. So be modest with those needs.

Another truth is, that most of the manufacturers don’t have prepacked smart bus shelter product. They want you to be a part of putting together the best suitable bus shelter for you. In this sector, there are now customers that have the same needs. Every city is different, the climate is different and the needs are different.

The first thing you should see is if the manufacturer has a background in building complex solutions. Such products are usually complex and that is why it matters to have the background to pull it off.

How to start?

Start by asking various questions and describe your use case. If they respond with specific answers and ask additional questions from you, it might mean they are listening and care about your needs.

Don’t try to push the price low. If manufacturer lowers the price, it means comprimises. Usually compromises come in expense of bad service or poor quality.

While you are looking for the Smart Bus Shelter, you may as well take a look at our shelter. Maybe that would suit your needs.

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