Ampron Partnership program

Our Partnering Program

Partnering program members are companies that have experience delivering turnkey solutions or complex system integration services that have LED digital signage or guidance as one element of the total package.

Our partners are companies that collaborate with us to help customers design, implement, and maintain better solutions for their investment.

As our partner, you get discounted prices on our products, access to additional unlisted products, support and education, and the opportunity to expand your offer with high-quality products and integrations. It gives you a competitive edge. The Ampron partner program targets system integrators, service providers and retailers within our segments.

You will get:

  • Technical consultation to help you to decide the right solution for your project
  • Access to demo displays area for decision making or customer convincing
  • Sales and marketing material to share with your customers
  • Designs and propositions for custom solutions

System Integrators

Our solutions-focused experts will help you design, build, install and service new and retrofit LED digital signage message boards to deliver integrated solutions in your industries and applications. If needed, we provide full lifecycle support.

Solution Providers

We help you to decide what is the best suitable product for your solution or project. Our promise to you is fast response time to your quotes, timely deliveries and high-quality products. You will get advice without unneccessary technical jargon. If you need custom solutions and configurations, we work out the details with you.

OEM Partners

Finding the right OEM is critical to the success of your product. We focus on learning your product needs for LED digital signage. After cooperative designing and testing, we will manufacture the solution specific to your needs. Our promise to you is timely deliveries, high-quality manufacturing, and extensive testing. With us, you may expect recommendations for innovation to gain future proof solutions.

Our raw material comes straight from the biggest factories at their respective fields and we have years of cooperation with our partners. We can firmly say that our supply chain is well thought-out and reliable.

Licensed Developers

This one is for startups or independent developers who are working on the smart and innovative solutions. Licensed Developers leverage our proprietary technology to provide new products and solutions that span a variety of industries and applications.

We provide access to our proprietary technologies for Licensed Developers to develop products and create solutions your customers require. Together we develop and grow in providing a better user experience for customers and cutting edge solutions. You will get developer How-to Guides, that provide information about our software to help you create your own customized solutions.

Our Licensed Developer program will help you meet your global needs and allow access to our:

  • Hardware or software technologies
  • Knowledge database and sample software components
  • Technical knowledge and know-how

Authorized Distributors

Our distributors are experts that offer local industry knowledge. Customers can expect to receive professional service and technical advice.

Partnering Values


Access to our partnering services can save time and reduce your workload. We will simplify your project sales, implementation, and support by offering a one-stop shop for your entire project lifecycle.


We work seamlessly together. Our collaborative approach with each other enables us to deliver the most appropriate long-term solution and provide you with long-term value.


Together we deliver cutting-edge technology with targeted solutions that optimize your LED digital signage investments and give you a competitive advantage. The reach of a global delivery combined with industry-specific specialists help you obtain the correct solution more easily and enable you to get products and services to market faster, reduce your total cost of ownership and use your assets more effectively.

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