LED Display based FIDS

Flight information display systems (FIDS) are used at airports to display the real-time flight information to passengers. Information displayed are arrivals and departures of flight information in real-time.

The flight information displays are located at numerous locations of an airport. In large airports around the world, there are different types of FIDS for each type of terminal or even each major airline around the world.
Our LED matrix based PIDS/FIDS is able to communicate over the network and 3G/4G data connectivity with ready to get integrated with database and third party server software.

Ampron is involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of LED-based display systems with in-house assembly processes, design, and development as well as software design and development.
We can customize the passenger information display systems from hardware and software to any extent to fulfill the tender or user requirements.
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Project Management

We understand the importance of focusing on project management. The customer-centric approach is the cornerstone of our advantages. Every project gets a dedicated project manager who is the single point of contact for you. That comes with accountability and responsibility for your project success.

Our project managers have extensive experience in the execution of complex projects. Whatever your application, your project manager will ensure that the system is built to your specifications, seamlessly integrated, and optimized to your use case.

Our project management phases:

P1 Needs & Requirements: Together with you, we will clarify Your expectations and set the basis for the product or solution

P2 Design Phase: We prepare technical documentation for the production

P3 Production Phase: Manufacture the LED message boards and put together the full solution

P4 Factory Acceptance: Perform Factory Tests

P5 Shipment: Shipment of the equipment to the Your warehouse

P6 Installation: You will perform hardware installation at own discretion or we will do that for you

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