Full Matrix LED Pollution Display Board

We offer end to end solutions for displaying Pollution information at your workplace.

What data can we display?

Our displays can read virtually from an endless variety of sources.
For example:

  • Directly from A/D converters connected to Sensors;
  • The Data can be read from an EXCEL File periodically;
  • The Data can be read from an a Webservice (Website) that has the pollution data;

How the parameteres will be displayed?

We can display any number of parameters in either a templated board (Labels are printed) or combined with LED board where the Labels are also displayed in the LED Display.

What data connection you provide?

The Boards can be driven using Ethernet / Wifi. The units can also be controlled remotely using a GPRS/3G Data Terminal Unit.
Our product includes our innovative software based communication protocol for integration of the boards with minimal effort.

Our soultion also includes the software for driving the boards with minimal human intervention. The software is written to be easy and intutive to use.
The hardware can be built to any specification, from simplest indoor configuration to a ruggedness resistance of IP65. 

What do you get for your money?

Highest quality product with a long lifespan. Hardware and electronics inside are carefully selected and tested.

Why I couldn’t use LCD TV instead ?

You could do that indeed. Here are just some bullet points to consider:

  • You should keep in mind that it is not so bright as LED
  • TV has a lot of points of failures
  • To achieve same result, the setup would be much more complicated
  • It does not have the same life span

I have seen much cheaper products doing same thing

Yes, there are much cheaper products and solutions that could provide the same outcome. We advise you to consider that they might have cheap look, have bad components that might fail shortly after installation. This is not what we do. Our hardware design and selection of components are exceptional.

Why you should select us over others?

That is a very good question. We could tell you that we have better factory testing procedures before sending hardware out to you. Or we only sell high quality and well thought out solutions. Or we have the best customer-centric project management. That we are real humans and avoid technical jargon while finding out your needs and expectations.

While that is all true, it is also exactly what others say about themselves but how should you trust us? The only best way to find out is just to contact us and see if we really stand behind our words. Or ask from our previous customers. You find them on our Portfolio page.

Could i get sample to convince decision makers?

Yes you certainly could. Just contact us and buy one sample, no problem.

I like it and want to resell this product, how could i start?

That’s the spirit! Just get in touch with us and we will work out the details. You will be getting great support and marketing materials.

What optional bells and whistles i could order?

As we like to say – Sky is the limit. To name just few of the options:

  • Brightness sensor
  • Clock display mode
  • User interface software for custom notifications management
  • Custom timers for Client specific needs
  • Web app interface to change the timer modes
  • LAN, WiFi, GPRS, 4G and, 5G connectivity

You could also get a much more and customized solution specifically according to your needs. To start with this, just contact us. Start by telling us about your vision and needs. We will ask a few more questions and draft the proposal and concept that would fit your expectations. We also let you know the rough estimate of the budget. If that suits you, we deep dive into our cool project management process and the outcome would be full product solution tailored exactly as per your requirements.

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