LED Variable Message Signs for Traffic and Parking Solutions

Our selection of traffic and parking LED Display solutions vary for the whole spectrum. We develop displays directly from the customer specific requirements and do the connection protocol integrations if needed. Following are just an selection of the various solutions or systems to name a few.


Our Rugged LED Message Boards and Compact LED Message Boards can be used to manage lanes for safety, emergency, and traffic optimization purposes. At toll gates, our displays may be configured to quickly choose the right payment type lane and let drivers know the right toll amount so they can pay quickly and keep traffic flowing. This information can be given through pictograms or in the text. In tunnels, the lane control displays guarantee security by stopping or diverting traffic in the case of an emergency.


The graphics display used in tunnels or tollgates to display bright color pictograms (red cross, green arrow, yellow arrow to the left or right etc.) indicating lane usage.


The graphics display used at highway toll booths to display the toll amount in a single line or more.


The graphics display used in highway tolls to display color pictograms images showing the payment method for the corresponding lane.


We provide mobile (VMS) variable message signs, whether you want it to be mounted on a trailer or vehicle, They will provide timely information where it’s most needed. Information displayed can range from road conditions to road work to emergencies, using both text and images on a full matrix display in either amber or full color.
Our smart LED displays have an automatic brightness adjustment. The displays are built as a rugged solution so they withstand typical road conditions.


Variable message signs can be placed in a wide range of places like highways, major road junctions, and urban areas. Typically installed at the side or above the roadway, the VMS may be configured either in text and graphics or monochrome or color. Variable message signs are used for providing traffic information for a variety of situations including emergencies, construction, and road closures. The VMS can also be used in cities to communicate events and activities, public office schedules, waste collection, parking availability, and travel warnings in several languages. The display system can operate as a stand-alone system or be integrated with other traffic control and management systems providing data for traffic detection, monitoring, and surveillance.


To display the available free parking spaces and the notification when there are no spaces left.


Dynamic parking guidance signs based on LED Display are more informative and current. You will have more flexibility to show the users the current status or direct them to other routes. Technology that we use lets you create visually great solutions by including videos or moving arrows and so on.


Display the directions you want for people or drivers to follow. There’s an option to put together simpler solutions with fixed directions or go a bit more complex ones where directions change based on your needs. We could go more complex and make the solution change the directions based on any other input – will it be traffic conditions, traffic consumption or whatever you come up with or your vision dictates.

Direct API Integration

Our Rugged and Compact LED Message Board products have direct HTTP communication integration with NEDAP ANPR Lumo cameras. In the user interface, you just set HTTP message POST request and that is it. In the message, you define the message you need to be displayed on the screen at various actions. See more about message format at our API description page.

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