How can you save advertising overheads with LED Digital Signage?

How can you save advertising overheads?
We understand how you try to save money on advertising. We also understand that in doing so, you employ each and every method out there.

But that is history for us. Now, we do our own advertising with our own LED message boards, and Indoor/Outdoor LED video walls that are easily manageable by using our very own Ampron LED Video Wall and TV Digital Signage Player.

How could these solutions help you save on your advertising bills?

Businesses like yours and ours are particularly hit hard by billboard costs. An industry estimate tells us that on average, a business spends more than $14000 on it in large markets. 

How can you save advertising overheads?

The costs of digital billboards are way more than traditional billboards. 

Seeing these trends, we can guess how much money small to medium businesses spend on grabbing a place on the streets. This can be reduced. 

1. Our LED Digital Signage models are not “digital billboards”

The LED Digital Signage and Video Walls that we sell have innumerable applications; you can get creative with them just the way you want it. No matter how you use them, you’ll always find them fitting for your business because hey, they are not digital billboards. 

Digital billboards are hard to maintain for the advertiser. They suck up a lot of electricity; they can seldom withstand the elements of nature and their individual components blow off sometimes. This explains why sometimes we see block spots in an ongoing advert and why the advertiser charges more. 

Big digital billboards are starting to feel like background noise that people don’t notice anymore. That is why we advise the direction of using smaller LED Digital Signage boards at the places where users would see and notice the advertisements.

How can you save advertising overheads?

2. Multiple ads at a time

Digital billboards can display multiple ads at a time, but that doubles or triples the cost depending on the number of ads you want to have run. As compared to this, once you get hold of our LED Digital Signage Message Boards or Indoor/Outdoor video walls, you can run as many video files as you please. 

We let you be the boss of your own advertising and let you decide what’s best for you. Doing this is not rocket science, thanks to our indigenously produced Ampron LED Video Wall and TV Digital Signage Player

You can either set it up yourself by following simple instructions or have us set it up for you. Once that is done, you only have to copy video files to a folder that is connected to this player. The videos are played on a loop and you get peace of mind.

How can you save advertising overheads?

3. Advertisements mixed with the useful guidance information or statistics

We advise you to try out mixing advertisements with the useful guidance information and statistics that helps you customers or visitors. That makes the visual area for them the place to look for. They will not ignore the advertisement area.

Our LED Digital Signage content management solution is so flexible and advanced that it would help you to gain that. We help to make the initial configuration for you and from there you can go easily by your own.

How can you save advertising overheads?

So, this is it. By employing our indoor/outdoor LED Digital Signage and Video Walls run by their dedicated players, you can aptly save money on advertising and live a happy business life. 

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