June 2019

We know that in business, time means money. So just to save your time, we will make it short, quick and right to the point.

Articles at blog

We started series of blog posts to help you in deciding on what would be the suitable LED message boards or LED video wall displays for your project or solutions. It goes without saying that we are always there for you to help and advise but we just want to take off the pressure and provide you with more background information.

This month we have three articles for you to read:

3 Things to Consider While Looking for LED Message Boards

LED Display Pixel Density Explained: What is Pixel Pitch?

Ampron LED Message Boards as part of Smart City Solution

Wrap up

To wrap things up, we would like to introduce something that interestingly we get more and more price requests lately. So, we thought it might be something you could advise to Your customers or would be just good thing to know.

It is Outdoor Gas Station LED Column Advertising Sign. Seems that gas stations want to stand out amongst competition and operators are looking for ways of how to do that.

We have put together the solution description that you could read and forward information to your customer. It is written in a simple way, so you could describe it without technical jargon. Just a bit help from our side to make your life easier.

Here is the solution description: Outdoor Gas Station LED Column Advertising Sign

Ampron Gas Price LED Signs

Sum up

To sum up this month’s newsletter, we wish you all nice Midsummer celebrations and relaxing summer vacation season. If you have not made any travel plans then we would advise visit Estonia with your family. We have nice and warm over here during the summer.

People celebrate St John’s Eve (Sant Joan) around a bonfire in a beach of Estartit, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain. St John’s eve celebration around a bonfire is reminiscent of Midsummer’s pagan rituals.

Always here to make your live easier,

Team @Ampron

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