LED Display Pixel Density Explained: What is Pixel Pitch?

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When we talk about pixel density we’re talking about the number of little dots that make up an image.

Picture the screen on your TV at home while you’re watching a movie. Now picture the sign at the construction site that tells you to slow down. The resolution isn’t anywhere near the same, right? Your TV gives you a smooth picture with no sign of any differentiation. It looks like everything could be happening right there in the same room. On the other hand, that construction sign looks like it’s made up of a lot of small dots of light. Those dots are the pixels and they’re going to influence the way that everyone can read what’s on the board. 

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When we talk about pixel density we’re talking about the number of those little dots that make up an image. If you have a lot of those dots really close together you can’t see the difference between them as well. That means they tend to look more like one large dot or light rather than several different ones and the image is going to look a whole lot smoother. If the dots are far apart it means you’ll see each and every one and that makes the image more disjointed.

The key is to have a small pixel pitch because then your image or your sign is going to look better. People will be able to read it better whether they’re far away or up close. If you can get a fine pixel pitch it means that someone who wants (or needs) to read the sign you’ve created can do it from close up, because the image has excellent details. These are the type of signs that you definitely want to have for your business. Whether your workers need to be able to read them or your customers, you want the signs around the place to be simple to see. 

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We provide LED displays and message boards with various pixel densities. Exactly as customer needs dictate. If you are not sure, what should be the pixel pitch for your project, then please contact us, describe a bit your project and we will advise. Our advise will be based on years of experience in the field.

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