Ampron LED Message Boards as part of Smart City Solution

Ampron LED Message Boards as part of Smart City Solution
You simply cannot rule out the importance of LED message boards in a Smart City solution. One decade ago, this sentence would not have meant anything, but now, in this age of rapid technological advancements, our cities need solutions for smart mobility.

In other words, we need digital signage possibly everywhere – in the airports, on the streets, in the port, and beyond. To communicate people latest information from sensors, city, government or municipality. All so that they would make smarter and better decisions.

To answer that need, we have developed state of the art LED boards that can take your message across the people with accuracy and in style.

Ampron LED Message Boards as part of Smart City Solution

Ampron LED Message Boards

Our LED Message Boards include three versions:

  • Rugged version
  • Compact version
  • and Video wall version

All of these versions have their own use purpose, but mostly, for a Smart City solution, rugged boards are the best fit. Let’s explore how.

Ampron LED message boards for port
Ampron Rugged LED Message Board at Port of Tallinn

Our technology and the Smart City phenomenon

What really makes a Smart City smart?

Technology does it.

We incorporate technology in a hundred or even a million ways in the daily fabric of a city so that it can be managed well, organized, and controlled in a better way.

Following that aspect of technology and city life incorporation, departments in the Municipality of Albertslund are employing sensors to manage waste around the city. But what they lack is the communicating this information directly to people. Informed people are more engaged. This is just one example.

Countries like Singapore are trying to be the world’s first smart nation since 2014 and as a matter of fact, they are succeeding to a great deal.

The examples of these great nations inspire us to help every city, every country around the world make smart choices and use digital signage in combination with sensors as their first step towards a Smart City or a Smart Country.

We are already on that road and the following are some of the products we think can bring a huge wave of change.

Ampron LED Message Boards as part of Smart City Solution

Rugged LED Digital Signage Message Boards for use at the port area

Port areas of a city are undoubtedly the busiest and the most important, considering the fact that the core of national and international freight relies on it and thrives there.

Our Smart Port LED VMS solution, for that matter, can be used together with our communication protocol based direct software-to-software communication to manage the traffic and the shipment in an easy and seamless way.

This could invariably cause fewer traffic jams in the area and more efficient good transport altogether.

Barking Free Space Availability LED Message Board by Ampron
Barking Free Space Availability LED Message Board by Ampron

LED Variable Message Signs for Traffic and Parking Solutions

Of course, how can we forget about managing traffic and parking spaces in a metropolis? After all, that is one of the main areas that need regulation and clutter-less management.

We have developed the digital signage responsible for ensuring smart mobility in a busy city by keeping in mind that it never sleeps. Therefore, our LED display solution for parking and traffic management includes, but are not limited to,

  • Lane Direction Systems;
  • Arrow Cross;
  • Rates;
  • Infographics;
  • Mobile Variable Message Signs;
  • Variable Message Signs;
  • Parking Availability Display Signs;
  • Dynamic Parking Guidance Signs;
  • and Custom Built Signs.

While there could be many technological integrations to evolve a city into a Smart City, LED Message Boards are always considered as one of the first steps. In this essence, using the above-mentioned products developed by us and tailored with a communication protocol software for better management can prove vital both in terms of cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Ampron LED Message Boards as part of Smart City Solution

There’s more to us than what’s stated here. Please feel free to know more about the rest of our products. Should you have any question, please contact us. We love to talk about the technologies behind our products.

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