Monthly Newsletter – December

This is the last newsletter this year. In the spirit of this, we will just summarize the year in this newsletter.

Summary of 2019

We will be honest, it has been a rather tough year for us. The main focus for this year was to expand in export markets and look for more partners who would start to use our products at their solutions.

As you may know, the fight for new connections and partnerships is always tough and takes time. Especially at the very unique and specific category where we operate. Having said that, we still have some success stories to tell you.

Visy OY in Finland has started slowly but steadily integrating our rugged models into their solution offerings. They are a worldwide provider of automated access control solutions for ports and industry. Through Visy, our displays are already at work as part of their solution in Vantaa Airport, some ports and at some of their industrial customers.

At Tallinn Airport we made automation upgrade for our Apron Safety Notification solution and now the applicable weather status messages from Estonian Environment Agency will be forwarded automatically to our displays at the apron area. 

For Hansab Lithuania we developed our compact model specifically for their use case and project-specific budget range. They have used this model at their automated parking solution offering. This is one of the best examples of how we grow and develop our products in cooperation with our customers.

After careful considerations and evaluations, Port of Naantali in Finland decided to use our rugged models for their infrastructure improvement project. That is the highlight of our current year and we are honoured and humbled for their decision.

We know for sure that more news from other ports in Finland will come in 2020.

TalTech and Tallink have selected our compact models for their Smart Car Deck solution development project. The focus of the collaboration will be on developing the so-called Smart Car Deck solutions, which would be aligned with the Smart Port solutions already in use today and would result in innovative technologies that would make the ships’ car decks and operations on the car decks more efficient.

These few examples give us confidence that our rugged and compact model is something that end-users need and it has its place at improving the user experience and guidance at ports, airports and other mission-critical applications.

Though the year has been tough, we go with high hopes and optimism to meet the next one.

All the best and have a playful time with your family during the holiday season.

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