Our new product: Slim Low Cost LED Message Board

LED Message Board solution from Ampron
Slimmest design of LED message board we have ever done. Slick and modern hardware for parking and any other applications.


  • Low-cost rugged display type
  • Slimmest design than those of competitors
  • Available in various sizes
  • Has all the same high-quality components as our high-value products
  • For usage in parking or any other application
  • Communication protocol with our proprietary software based API
  • Integrations with third party applications are so easy
LED Message Board solution from Ampron
Prices start from 380€. The more you order, the lower price gets. For orders over 20 pcs we design you custom connectors type or the sizes just according to your needs. Just contact us, tell where you would like to mount them and we will draw you the sample. And we will go further from there.

Contact us for orders and tell us what would you need, we help you along your road: sales@ampron.eu

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