Client feedback

I’ve integrated 5-10 displays or display systems to our software. Integration to Ampron was by far the easiest one. Thanks to excellent support You provided.
I didn’t bother to read manuals but what I saw, they’re pretty good. Specially the online ones.
I think I spent 1-2 hours to figuring out what’s going on with Ampron system. Maybe same amount of time to write required source code to our logic. It took some time for me to get familiar with Putty and WinSCP because it’s been like 15 years I touched UNIX systems.
We are always changing IP addresses by ourselves so I was hoping it would have been bit easier. On the other hand, second time was very easy.
At the moment, I do not have any complains or ideas how to improve your system for developers or integrators. Well, GUI for templates would be nice. On the other hand, JSON schema is quite self-explaining.

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