Upgrade of the DeIce OPS Communication Solution in Tallinn Airport

Upgrade of Tallinn Airport Aircraft De-icing Control System
Tallinn Airport wanted to improve their operations at the dedicated pad area by adding deployable LED message board solution with user console. Deice operator would use these means to communicate with the pilot.


Tallinn Airport, Estonia

About the Customer

Tallinn Airport provides international flight connections facilitating the country’s business and tourism development. Passengers’ safety and security are similarly of utmost importance for Tallinn Airport.


De-Icing Area Control System upgrade


Tallinn Airport, Estonia


Aircraft Ground De/Anti-Icing procedures are mainly for the removal of any frozen or semi-frozen moisture from critical external surfaces of an aircraft on the ground before flight.
The airport wanted to move some of the de-ice operations to the dedicated pad, where the fluids drain into a special tank or reservoir and aircraft would be away from the busy terminal area. We delivered the solution back in September of 2018. Read here more about that.

Customer Challenge

Tallinn Airport wanted to improve its operations with additional PAD locations. In addition, they wanted the mobile LED message board to be charged also with a power generator in addition to the electrical charging that we delivered initially. They also wanted these pads to be controlled from the same user interface.

Our Solution

We delivered two stationary displays. One was our Rugged model DR-2000×1040-P8 and another was the big display from our LED Video wall blocks. In addition, we developed the software to accommodate the control of the additional de-ice locations.


The solution was delivered at November 2023

Deployable DeIce LED Message Board Solution at Tallinn Airport
Ampron De-Ice PAD LED message board
Ampron De-Ice PAD LED message board

See our solution in action:

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