Indoor LED Video Wall

Today, advertisers and marketers are faced with the challenging task of catching consumers’ attention while getting the right message across. With our eye-catching visualisation technologies, your message will truly stand out.

What is Indoor LED Video Wall?

The indoor video wall display provides a large-scale “visual canvas” for your content. Video wall displays are made from a tiled arrangement of LED panels. Tiling multiple displays together can create an extremely large, multi-HD display surface. Depending on the display type and mounting system selected, video walls can be built in flat, curved, or even three-dimensional shapes. They can be small enough to be portable or large enough to fill a multi-story auditorium.

What problem does it solve?

Well placed LED indoor video walls are an excellent method for delivering high-quality information and promotional messages to a broad range of potential consumers, who can pass by the displays in any number of locations. Unlike standard static billboards, digital billboards use extremely efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to present large-scale full-color high-quality graphics, animations, and video, or some combination of all three. The overall effect is to grab and engage the attention of individuals so that they will focus on the message. Studies show that a person is more likely to remember the content from an animated billboard over the static content of a standard billboard. In addition, you may use the indoor LED video modules to present unique and creative solutions in your interior design.

How to decide what is right for you?

We will guide you through the selection and prepare you to make the wise decision. That includes live demos at our factory, pictures of your content at the various demo displays in our factory etc. We are focused to make the selection for you as easy as possible.

We use no more than three rounds of questions, answers, and examples. After the third round, you should feel comfortable to select the right technical solution and we can tell you what would be the final price range of that solution.

What do you get for your money?

You get indoor LED video wall display that is meant for outdoor use, IP65 rated. They deliver high-resolution images with high brightness and contrast levels. Our portfolio has various LED display modules, with pixel pitches ranging from less than 1mm up to 10mm.

In addition, you get video controller and content management software. You will be able to create and transmit content over the internet behind your desk while drinking coffee, tea or water. Or automate everything and just doing nothing yourself and enjoy.

You also get initial training and great customer support for the future. We are customer focused, so we know how to take care of you.

How we deliver what we promise?

We implement the Clients expectations according to our well-defined project steps:

P1 Needs & Requirements: Together with you, we will clarify Your expectations and decide what technical solution would cover your needs

P2 Design Phase: We prepare technical documentation for the production

P3 Production Phase: Order the LED video wall hardware from our supplier

P4 Factory Acceptance: Perform Factory Tests

P5 Shipment: Shipment of the equipment to Your warehouse

P6 Installation: You will install hardware or we will do that for you

Why you should select us over others?

That is a very good question. We could tell you that we have better factory testing procedures before sending hardware out to you. Or we only sell high-quality products and solutions. Or we have the best customer-centric project management. That we are real humans and avoid technical jargon while finding out your needs and expectations.

While that is all true, it is also exactly what others say about themselves. How should you trust us? The best way to find out is just to contact us and see if we really stand behind our words. Or ask from our previous customers. You find them on our Portfolio page.

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