Ampron LED Video Wall and TV Digital Signage Player

You will get simplest and reliable digital signage video content management system. First ever solution that is reliable to use with LED Video Wall solutions.

What problem does it solve?

You have probably seen many solutions with what you can do everything and if you set it all up, the management is still complicated and buggy. It all ends up with frustration and lost business opportunities.
That is the problem we try to solve with our Digital Signage Content Management System. We have simplified everything.

Is it meant also for LED Video Wall solutions?

Yes, this was our main goal in developing this. You do not need to open any crappy software at windows desktop and then forward this through HDMI to the LED video controller. You just connect our player to video controller and it is seamlessly integrated and reliable.

Who is it for?

Our solution is for those who need simple and reliable things in their life. If you need to play video clip(s) on your digital signage display with no hassle and nothing more, then this is for you.

What do you get for your money?

You get signage player box hardware with software, plus help from us to set it all up.

How does content management process work?

Person responsible for content management drags video clips into the folder in her/his computer that is connected to internet. Video clips will be downloaded to the player box and it will play at the internet connected signage display. That is it.

Wait, really??

Yes really, so simple indeed.

What if the signage player box loses internet connection?

It will play in clips that are downloaded in to the box. No worries.

What are the features?

  • Plays most video files but just to be sure, please use H.264
  • Drag and drop clips to the folder on your desktop that is synced with player box
  • Use with LED video walls or TV displays
  • Fine-tuning to fit of various LED panel sizes or TV displays

How do I know what is currently displayed?

Screenshot picture is downloaded every minute to log catalogue on your computer. Picture has timestamp, so you know when it was last taken.

Could I get sample to convince decision makers?

Yes you certainly could. Just contact us and buy one sample, test it out, play around, get to know us, no problem.

I like it and want to resell this product, how could i start?

That’s the spirit! Just get in touch with us and we will work out the details. You will be getting great support and marketing materials.

What optional bells and whistles i could order?

As we like to say – Sky is the limit. Just name the things you would want, and we will give you the price estimate of the development to accommodate your needs. Then we go from there.
You could get a much more and customized solution. To start with this, just contact us.
Start by telling us about your vision and needs. We will ask a few more questions and draft the proposal and concept that would fit your expectations.
We also let you know the rough estimate of the budget. If that suits you, we deep dive into our cool project management process and the outcome would be the most awesome solution that you have ever seen.
But before you do that, we urge you to think really through if you need all that additional things. Life has to be simple for those who use it.

What if i do not want custom solution but still something with more options?

In that case we are confident to recommend you to check out something like Yodeck. This is a digital signage management platform that helps you design and schedule easily from the cloud based web interface. Just check them out at their website.

How does the product look like?

This is sample box, but you could get it with various other looks. Just contact us and tell, where you would need to put it. We have enclosure variants ranging from military grade enclosures or industrial DIN reels connectors to a simplest box.

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