Outdoor Gas Station LED Digital Signage Column Advertising Sign

The fuel price signs show a comparison of fuel prices at the entrance or along the side of the highway—making it easy for drivers to find the best price for fuel through price transparency.

Our bright LED digital signage is easily visible from a distance. Drivers can see the list of all fuel prices and the display indicates the lowest price with a light. This increases the competition among fuel suppliers and gives drivers optimal prices.

The fuel price displays are networked and connected through included software to a central operating unit.

Innovative and value adding advertising media

Digital signage and digital labelling at the POI and POS are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike static forms of advertising and information material, this more advanced channel of communication allows carefully timed presentation via LED digital signage of selected content which is tailored to your target group.

These moving pictures attract customers’ attention, without any need for an explanation. Whether you want to show advertising presentations or fit a direction-marking system to lead customers around your premises, this innovative and flexible LED technology will become a part of everyday life at today’s gas stations.

Ampron Gas Price LED Signs

The LED digital signage is combined with the fuel price information system and has a slick and modern appearance. The top is the LED light box that shows the big logo, the second part is the attractive LED display, the third part is the price information, and the lower part is the other small logo. It is designed for back-to-back and simultaneous communication, so no matter which direction the car comes from, they see the LED display video from both sides.

You may add extra commercials to improve the visibility, get additional cashflow and raise the attractiveness in this so competitive business.

With us, you will always get content management solution. Only thing you have to do is choose from three available options that would suit your business needs and goals the most.

What about integrations to POS and other sources?

We will take care about the integrations from third party information sources so it would be displayed well on the LED display. Goal for us is always at first seek the possibilities of full automation without additional tasks for local personnel at gas stations.

Where to start?

Best starting point is just to contact us and let know about your needs. Then we go further from there to provide you with a rough quote estimate. This would let you at least start planning the budget for something like this.

How much does it cost?

That is usually a tricky question without knowing your personal business needs and expectations for quality and integrations. Prices are in a ballpark from 30 000 EUR to as high as over 200k EUR. It all depends how simple solution or how crazy awesome you would like to go. But don’t worry, just contact with us and after a short talk we will give you a more specific number.

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