Rugged LED Digital Signage Message Boards for Outdoor Queue Management Solution

Organised queues are always best options when you want to keep your clients happy or improve throughput. Our options are open to your business needs. Contact to tell your story and we will help you to solve this puzzle.

Why you would need this?

Improve the throughput of logistics center by implementing a queue management solution for truck drivers.

The goal is better management of trucks at the docks for loading and unloading.

Current Situation

Logistics center has truck drivers coming into office. Then gives the documents to the person who manages the loading and unloading. The truck driver is sent back for waiting.

If the dock is ready for loading or unloading, the responsible person walks to the truck driver and informs, to which dock to drive.

Potential Solution Description

The responsible person registers the truck driver and assigns the unique queue number. The truck driver then waits in his car for his number to be displayed.

The gate is ready for the loading or unloading and the dock number will be displayed together with the queue number and arrow, showing the shortest route to the dock.

What products to use for this?

As they say about the real estate – it is all about location, location, location.

In Nordic countries and at locations with rough environment we would advise using our Rugged LED Message Board products. Theyare specifically designed for harsh weather conditions.

For countries where extreme weather conditions are not so prevailing, it would be better to use our Compact LED Message Board products.

Size considerations are usually the hardest decisions. From a business perspective, you would like them to be as small as possible. But they should be big enough for truck drivers to grasp the information that is shown there. We love to help you in that. What we usually do, is we create content at various sizes and present it to you. That way you will have the option to make the decision based on real-life visuals. Just contact us and we will help you to work out the details.

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