Train Real-Time Information Display to Estonian Railway

Estonian Railway wanted to procure the prototype display to visualise real-time information at the regional railway stations. They had their requirements and we participated in the open procurement.

After winning the procurement bid, we set out to create a custom display system that would satisfy Estonian Railway’s unique requirements. With great care and attention to detail, our team of professionals created a design that perfectly complied with the specifications provided during the procurement process. Their hopes were not only satisfied but surpassed by the meticulously constructed prototype that was the outcome of their joint effort.

After the design phase, we turned our attention to the manufacturing process, which required extreme precision and attention to detail. We successfully created the display in just two months, utilising state-of-the-art technology to guarantee peak performance. After that, this marvel of technology was smoothly incorporated into the regional station.

Ampron Outdoor Double-Sided LCD Displays at Nelijärve Station in Estonia

The display features an in-house designed proprietary media player, which is evidence of our dedication to innovation. This media player is essential to the visualisation of data that is updated in real-time and comes from the specified website. By using our own media player, we were able to guarantee efficiency and compatibility while also offering a customised solution that works in unison with the display’s general functionality.

Technical Specifications:

Display area: W899.71×H253mm
General size: W1020x H375mm

Stainless steel
Panel: AR glass

Brightness: 700 nit
Viewing angle: 178°/ 178°
Max resolution: 1920*540
Ports: USB, HDMI output, RJ45, SD.
With heater, light sensor

Essentially, the process we went through to win the procurement bid, design, build, and install the display highlights our commitment to providing superior, tailored solutions that closely match the particular needs of our clients—in this case, Estonian Railway.

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