Threat Level Indicator

Threat level status information will be displayed to the public entities, users or personnel. Users are advised and instructed to act accordingly based on procedures.


The customer is considered to be government, military, organization or other entity who have the need to display to the public entities, public or users, the current threat level status in a secure and trustful way.

Operational purpose

The purpose is better communication and raised awareness amongst the users.

LED Displays location

Best use of Ampron rugged LED message boards and displays are the outside environment and other conditions where the usage of LED TV is not feasible or preferred.

Potential impact

The potential impact is increased user awareness and better communication of the current threat level.

Functional requirements

Automatic information forwarding from the trustful source with the possibility of manual override.

Compatibility and integration with the third party

Will be implemented according to the specific customer requirements.

Possible Use Cases

The government, military or private companies who have established threat levels and have the need to communicate that to the users.



An example process is based on United Kingdom MI5 threat level status information. AmpronLED software monitors status and sends it to all connected Ampron LED displays. Upon the changes, the displayed status will be changed. AmpronLED software also monitors the connection to the source. If the displays will lose the connection with the source for longer than x time (will be specified with the client), it will display:

  • nothing;
  • some other notification, decided by the client;
  • any other outcome decided by the client.

There is also the added option of manual override through the web-based user interface.

It fits well on desktops, pads or mobile devices.

Demo user operator interface available at

User Interface Software

User interface software will be installed to the client server. May act as the primary source for the displays or the override. (any additions as – password protection, pin code request upon button click etc. may be added) Software source code may be audited by the third party selected by the client.

AmpronLED Server Software

The software is fully developed by Ampron and will be installed to client-server. Source code may be audited by the third party selected by the customer.

Every display will be identified to the server with crypto keys. Any other client specific crypto requirements may be fulfilled or VPN tunneling options may be added.

Software integration is described at our Public API Page

Ampron LED Message Board

For locations at tough environment, we advise to use our Rugged LED Message Boards product line as it is specially developed for the usage at critical infrastructure applications as ports, military, and government.

For projects with a lower budget or locations with good or normal weather conditions we would advise our Compact Models.

They are available at various sizes and configurations. Just contact us and we will figure out the right fit for you.

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