AmpronLED NextGen Content Management Software Solution

Article about our full-fledged content management solution for mission-critical applications.
Meet our full-fledged content management solution for mission-critical applications.

What started as the communication protocol between the LED module controller and third-party software, has evolved into much more than we anticipated in the beginning. Our next-generation AmpronLED is now a content management software solution.

It has clear basic capabilities like the content design based on JSON files and nothing more. The purpose of this is to keep the reliability of mission-critical solutions. Communication and control commands are all based on HTTP GET requests. We have added much more control options than it was on the previous version of AmpronLED.

It has the same control commands that were on the previous version: set brightness, control background colour, set font size, set various text effects, set area size, and many more. In addition, we now have things like setting the timer or counter, visualize the clock, set dynamic areas, set various font sizes, and many more capabilities.

The most distinctive new addition is that the AmpronLED is now integrated into the displays. So there is no need for the server component anymore. In addition, the change of the content is now seamless and fast. It also allows to change the content in one area and it does not impact the content in another area.

Best usage areas are the smart port solutionsreal-time bus arrival information LED boardsparking availability display signscounters in industrial solutions or any other similar application.

To find out more about the capabilities, check out our AmpronLED NextGen API page.

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