Follow-me LED Message Sign Solution

The Follow Me Sign is a mobile LED Message Board used as a visual guide for aircraft at airports. Pre-programmed messages—including follow me, stop, wait, left and right arrow indicators, and slow down—are used to direct aircraft to the right location on the ramp/apron.


Basic messages are pre-programmed and can be selected usually with one keystroke. Message Board is controlled by our controller with a built-in keypad. Customized messages can be easily entered at any time and longer messages will automatically scroll across the screen.


The display is ruggedly designed to operate in extreme conditions and thin profile makes it easy to install on almost any vehicle.


Ultra-bright LED technology combined with automatic brightness control makes messages easily readable both day and night.


The system may be used to supervise the information and status of the follow me vehicles and assign the task to aircraft. The user interface includes various tasks buttons to trigger the information shown at the LED message board.


The Admin Interface displays actions and error logs. All logged actions are visible only to the administrator.


We have two options to choose from:

More advanced web based mobile app

The operator user interface is designed on the principle of – ” less is more “, only the minimum that is necessary for the user to complete his work operations is visible. The user interface is easy to use.

The user interface displays the commands that are used for coordination of the aircraft.

Follow-me LED Sign System

Simple IR remote control

This is more affordable and simplest solution. Preferred by most of the customers.

LED Message Board and Content

As we are original manufacturers and software developers, we can design solution exactly according to your specification. Just contact us and let’s get the ball rolling.

Overall most of the customer choose our Compact Model DS-960x320 P10. Maybe that is also something that would be suitable for you. If not, then let us know and we design something that would fit your needs.

See the demo:

Download LED Message Board technical specification document here.

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