Custom LED and LCD Message Board Based Solutions

In addition to the prepacked solutions, we also do development projects. In cases where clients come with their special needs and requirements, we provide technical consultancy and development.

We are happy to engage with you in making custom-designed solutions. Something that would exactly fulfil Your project’s needs. That is what we like the most – to create custom solutions. That is where we feel the edge amongst our competitors. We have long experience in various custom projects in military and aviation.

What Will We Do?

We build products based on your specific needs and requirements.

How Does It Work?

First, we ask for your initial description of what you need. Based on this first impression, we guide you through some more questions to get a good overview of your needs to formulate these into technical requirements. Based on these requirements, we prepare manufacturing documentation. After your approval, we will start the manufacturing process.

What Will You Receive?

Depending on our mutual agreements, you either get the initial prototype model or full delivery of the models built according to your needs. The prototype model route is longer and a bit more expensive but we would always advise this route. With a prototype model, you can test it and see if something is missing or if it would need to be done differently. After the approval of the prototype model, we will manufacture the full series of the order.

What Do We Need From You?

It depends on the project but initially, we would need you to just describe your needs in a simplified way. We can start guiding you through the complicated technical choices if you don’t have a technical background in this field.

Sample Use Case

Estonian Railway ordered double-sided custom-designed LED displays to fit their regional railway station design and requirements. We built the model specifically to fit their requirements. Read more about this project from this article.

Why should you select us over our competitors?

That is a very good question. We could tell you that we have better factory testing procedures before sending hardware out to you. Or we only sell high-quality products and solutions. Or we have the best customer-centric project management. That we are real humans and avoid technical jargon while finding out your needs and expectations.

While that is all true, it is also what others say about themselves. How should you trust us? The best way to find out is to contact us and see if we stand behind our words. Or ask from our previous customers. You can find them on our Portfolio page.

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