Ampron Displays as part of Port of Helsinki Smart Port

Ampron Displays as Part of Port of Helsinki Smart Port Project
Port of Helsinki in Finland to use our guidance LED displays for their Smart Port project at their West Harbour terminal.

We are glad to announce our continuous success at the ports in Finland.

The Port of Helsinki is Finland’s leading general port for foreign trade. In 2019, the Group’s total cargo traffic was 14.4 million tonnes. The main export commodities are products for the forest industry, machinery, and equipment, whereas in imports the most prominent product group is daily consumer goods.

The ferry connections between Helsinki and Tallinn are part of the economically significant EU core network corridor to Central Europe. The connection from West Harbour to Tallinn is the fastest way to access the road and rail networks of Central and Southern Europe.

Port of Helsinki West Terminal, source: google maps

This decision by the Port of Helsinki is important progress for us as we already have over 200 of our Rugged Model displays at Port of Tallinn in Estonia as part of their Smart Port solution. We now get covered both ports at both sides of the Baltic Sea.

Source: google maps

We are represented even onboard of TallinkSilja ferry Megastar. Our Compact Models are used there in the Smart Ferry project, where they guide travellers inside the ferry.

Parking LED Message Board Compact Model DS-320x320
Parking LED Message Board Compact Model DS-320×320

We move strongly on our vision and goal to be the first and best choice for the ports in choosing LED digital guidance hardware. If you have upcoming projects or currently looking for something like this, then please read more about our Rugged Models and see if they would be the right fit for your project. If not sure, then please contact us and ask for advice.

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