Ampron Rugged LED Guidance Displays at Port of Turku in Finland

Ampron Rugged LED Guidance Displays at Port of Turku in Finland
OEM Finland Oy improved the guidance for the Tallink Silja ferry passengers with the help of our hardware.

We are glad to announce that we delivered our Rugged LED Dynamic Guidance Displays to another port in Finland. This time it was Port of Turku.

We did it in cooperation with our new partner, and distributor OEM Finland Oy. Port of Turku was looking for modern and dynamic guidance to guide the passengers on to the Tallink Silja ferries. Our Rugged Model DR-2000×1040 with the pixel pitch of 8 mm was a perfect choice. It is our biggest rugged model and suitable for the harsh conditions that the Nordic port usually have. Port personnel will manage the content with video signage software. They provide the last mile way-finding for the truck drivers and travellers who are on their way to the ferry.

View of the entrance gate to Tallink Silja ferry

Distributor contract with OEM Finland Oy is another milestone in our strategy to get closer to the industrial customers and do it with a competent and assistive sales organisations. They are a leading provider of industrial components in Europe. With its range of products from top manufacturers around the globe, OEM offers customers a unique opportunity to acquire all the components that the customers require from a single supplier.

Close-up view of our rugged model DR-2000×1040 P8

Are you industrial customer from Finland and would be interested in our products? Contact OEM Finland Oy and tell your needs.

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