Ampron Service Level options and why would you need it

Ampron Service Level Agreement
We provide the best customer service focus at every level and this is defined with SLA level support options.

What is SLA

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a part of contract and agreement between customers and service provider stating the services furnished by the provider and defining the standards that a service provider is supposed to offer and meet. SLAs are important as they create a formalised communication process that businesses and customers both agree upon in a way that is focused on customer priorities and requirements.

Importance of SLA

SLAs are important for managing customer expectations and explaining to them the level of readiness and support they get during performance issues or outages. SLAs provide a metric for continuous reporting and accountability of the vendors. The vendor has to report on as per the SLA.

SLA provides a statement of objectives of an organization; the scope of services covered by the organization; responsibilities of the service providers and customers; performance metrics, i.e., resolution time, response time, and any penalties for contract breaching.

Main features and elements of SLA

  • Clarify Expectations:

SLA´s are used to quantify the expectation in measurable terms

  • Focus on customer service:

SLA´s assist the vendors focus on the customer priorities and requirements

  • Establishment of measurable standards:

SLA sets clear and measurable standards for the performance of the vendor.

Ampron SLA pillars

We have created selection of three pillars. As every customer and their needs are unique, their needs for service support is different. Some customers have their own service organisation and they do not want to pay for something that they already have. Some customers on the other hand do not want to deal with support and would rather outsource this from manufacturer.

Three different types of options are focused to provide customers exactly what they need and nothing more.


This SLA option is offered when a customer has organisational support hence he doesn’t need support from the third party. In this option, support is provided only on the pre-agreed hours and on-demand readiness.


This option is available when the customer has a basic level of his/her organisational support, but still needs some support from the third party. However, the support is provided only on the pre-decided hours and on-demand readiness by Ampron.


This option is provided by Ampron when the customer has no organisational support and he would request to source all of the support. We make an agreement that is based on the reaction levels and uptime requirements.

Want to know more about SLA?

If you would need more information about our SLA support, ask from your current Ampron contact. Or leave us a message through the contact form.

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