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Our Principles


Instead of usual complexity, integrations should be seamless and solutions at their simplest forms


Solutions must solve customer challenges in an optimal way and base on a high understanding of their core issues


We invest time and effort into planning phase. Assessing the needs of the client is essential for the project success

Our latest challenge:

Traffic Management System in Port of Tallinn

Smart Port Project is a traffic flow management solution organizing pre-check in, check-in and line management for ports with multiple ferry operators by providing holistic and easy to understand service for people with trucks and cars. Smart Port Project reduces passengers waiting time in the harbour, providing a comprehensive, time consuming and understandable service.

Driving instructions and information is shown on Ampron Smart LED Displays, which are specially designed for port conditions. To guide the vehicles, the automation solution is used that manages the barriers and guarantees that hazardous incidents will not happen on the movement area.

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