LED Variable Message Board Solutions​ that are

We manufacture LED variable message boards and build customer-specific solutions. Our products and solutions are fit for purpose even in harsh environmental conditions.
We are the sum of high-quality modern full-color matrix LED message boards, innovative software-based communication protocol and our focus on customer expectations.
Despite the high-quality product, our prices are well within market prices. We achieve this through the optimized manufacturing process and product design. Ask for a quote and be convinced.

See how our LED message boards are used at Port of Tallinn in Estonia

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Who are our customers?

Who we are and what we bring to the industry?

We want to bring the innovation into the LED message board industry. So that we and our customers could provide added value to their end-clients. Through that, the users would be given a better experience of information consumption and clear directions for their everyday lives.

We want that information would be delivered in a timely manner, at the right amount and where it is most needed. 

Our mindset is innovative and oriented at customer expectations. We are software developers and hardware manufacturers. We build client specific solutions.

Our Product Groups

Our Solutions

We provide solutions and development projects based on our own products. We have long personal history of custom projects management and we are really good at managing complex special projects that needs custom development and focus on customer needs. In cases where clients come with their special needs and requirements, we provide technical consultancy.
Our solutions page includes set of solutions that we already have done for previous clients and those that we believe have great impact on safety, user experience and business improvement.

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