Outdoor LED and LCD Displays for Intelligent Transport Solutions

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Our Mission

Our goal is to help you in turning data into visual guidance, that will shorten the time of operations and ease your customer decision making to improve mobility experience.

Lengthy personal background with complex infrastructure projects within the military, aviation and ports helps us to guide you towards the right best suitable option for your project.

It is our mission to make your life as easy as possible by listening to your needs, giving advice based on that and delivering products that fulfil the quality you would expect.

We are firm followers of LEAN. In manufacturing, we follow Toyota Production System and Paul Akers 2 Second Lean concept. Our mission is to constantly improve and get rid of waste in processes across the whole organisation. Our quality management system is based on the Toyota Way. That means we are thriving on continuous improvement and respect for people in everything we do.

We are Your reliable OEM or Tier One manufacturer.

Some of Our Customers

Our products provide guidance and operational excellence for over 10 million daily users

What You DON'T Get

You won’t be pressured as the deal nears completion. We ensure that we don’t offer anything that doesn’t align with your project’s requirements. We don’t provide inexpensive solutions disguised as high-end offerings that only superficially meet your needs.

Our recommendations are based on the products we would personally use for your specific project. We won’t mislead you with false promises of high quality at low prices. We provide you with the actual cost of the product or solution once all the requirements are fulfilled.

We maintain transparency throughout the entire process and refuse to engage in a price war. Trust us when we say that no one wins in that game—only customers lose, and we don’t want that for you.

What You DO Get

  • Things made simple
  • Your needs heard
  • Technical advice
  • Best customer service
  • Future support with SLA

Who are our customers?

Our customers embody a modern and visionary outlook,  forward-thinking end-users, system integrators, and solution providers.

They are driven by the desire to enhance their operations and elevate the user experience to new heights. With a progressive mindset, they actively seek innovative solutions and are committed to realizing continuous improvement and advancement in their respective domains.

By embracing cutting-edge technologies and strategies, they demonstrate their unwavering dedication to achieving excellence and staying at the forefront of their industries.

Example Use Cases

DeIce OPS Improvement at Tallinn Airport

Tallinn Airport wanted to improve its operations at the dedicated pad area by adding a deployable LED Electronic Variable Message Sign solution with user console. Deice operator would use these means to communicate with the pilot.

Who we are?

Ampron is OEM LED Digital Guidance Signs manufacturer. We focus on servicing B2B customers needs and build the most modern and highest quality hardware you can buy on the market for this specific product class.

Purpose of our technology is to simplify the world for the people. Information and guidance should be helpful and easy. Delivered in a modern and timely manner, at the right amount and where it is most needed.

We care about user experience and customer expectations. We are focused on making things easier for people and project managers.

Our focus is to provide end-customers, system integrators, and turnkey solution providers the best possible support and products for their projects. With us, your work is simplified and you don’t spend extra time to become an expert in our field. You can trust us to be those experts and we will make your decision-making process easier.

We are ethical and straight. There might be times when we say NO if deep down we feel that our products would not serve your project purpose in a best possible way.

Member of

At Ampron, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. To help with this effort, we reuse all of our packaging materials whenever possible. This helps us to minimize waste and ensure that we are doing our part to protect our planet.

Know what items you can recycle.

Pallets, collars and softening materials are reused