Modern Rugged LED Message Boards

Improve user experience and operations with modern information visualisation and guidance in mission critical environments

What if we tell you that our communication protocol is based on HTTP GET requests and is that simple:

get http://IP:PORT/slds?id=LED1&layout=FULLSCREEN&CONTENT=

Who we are and what we bring to the industry?

Information and directions should be delivered in a modern and timely manner, at the right amount and where it is most needed.

For us, it has always been about the users. We are focused on making things easier for people. Whether it concerns operations at work or experience at port.

Our focus is to provide system integrators and turnkey solution providers best possible help for their projects. We are dedicated in delivering high quality products and support.

We help you to provide competitive advantage by:

  • Lowering total cost of ownership
  • Optimising productivity
  • Improve operations

Who are our Customers?

Our customers are end users, system integrators, solution providers, resellers and distributors. See their success stories.

Our product portfolio

Our portfolio consists of three product lines:
– Rugged Model
– Compact Model
– LED Video Walls

3 Things to Consider While Looking for LED Message Boards

If you’re looking for LED display, there are three very important questions to consider, before anything else happens. We want to make sure that you have the display that’s going to work for your situation, after all. So, we’ll look at where you’ll be using it, how close the viewers are going to be, and how large of a screen you want.

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