Example Use Case of our LED Message Boards as Electronic Passenger Information Signage for Transit Solutions

Usage of our modern LED message signs are able to greatly expand the volume and depth of the information being provided to transport users.

5 Key arguments for usage of our modern LED message boards as electronic information signage:

  • Easy integration to SIRI or any other specifications
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities
  • Easy audio capabilities integration
  • Best accuracy and reliability numbers in the market
  • Information displayed on our electronic signage can be personalized

Usage of electronic passenger information signage provides information and awareness that is easy to access. It provides information to those customers who do not have mobile devices.

Without updated and current information, the wait time for transit users seems long. Using our LED message boards affects the perception of wait time. With more detailed information the users know exactly how many more minutes they have to wait, what lines are served or what type of transportation is at their service.

For Transit Information Solution Providers

With the great backlog of partnerships, we may say that we are the trustful and considering supplier. We put great focus on delivering in a timely matter and implementing Your requirements in our product design.

Our in-house production and quality assurance are deeply integrated into our DNA.

Our LED message board signs are robust, easy to install, use and maintain. We have a various selection of product types to fit into your selected environment.

Communication and integrations to third-party systems are done through our proprietary AmpronLED server software. This is our software-based communication protocol that has been used for years at the port, aviation, and border area application.

We manufacture a full-color matrix or monochrome signs to cover all customer options.

Despite the high-quality product, our prices are well within market prices. We achieve this through the optimized manufacturing process and product design. Ask for a quote and be convinced.

With our LED variable message display signs you can do various creative scenarios that you cannot do with products from most of the competitors.

Following are just a few of the examples and ideas:

As in-transit communication – There are many buses, trains, cars, taxis, trams, and planes that could use not only as in-transit communication devices but also as entertainment systems and perhaps most commonly, as marketing tools

As for waiting area displays – Digital displays take poster marketing and other static display tactics to the next level by creating a more dynamic medium to present information and deliver messages. Rich media content is what modern audiences are looking for, especially in this day and age of smartphones and app-enabled mobile devices.

As branding tools – Transit hubs are among the best places to launch branding campaigns because of the wide reach they offer. You may use not only to inform commuters about transit but also to promote brands and messages through dynamic content.

As news feed displays – Traditional transit depot displays typically show arrival times and trip schedules. With our digital screens, it is possible to broadcast more information than ever — including up-to-the-minute transportation news, delays, cancellations, emergencies, and other things that commuters and travelers should be aware of.

As travel experience optimizers – Our digital signage displays in the transportation industry can also help optimize the travel experience by enabling interactive installations and programs that help people travel from point A to point B more conveniently.

Related Product

Model: DR-1040×660 P6

Contact us, tell your needs and let’s start the journey together in modernizing the industry.

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