Do You Want to Simplify the Experience?

Ampron - Simplified User Experience
For us, it has always been people. We are focused on making things easier for people. Whether it concerns operations at work or experience at port.

At the Port

For example at the port, our Rugged LED Message Boards are the means to show the information for the people going on the ferry.

Ampron LED message boards for port

They provide meaningful information in a bright and modern way – text accompanied by pictograms and arrows. That is what makes the experience of using the port easier and joyful. Travellers become better informed to make the decisions of what route to take and what should be their next action. People become more confident and gives positive user experience. That contributes to the better traffic flow at the port and more pleased customers for port operators.

Read the case study and see how it was achieved in Port of Tallinn, Estonia.

Airport Personnel and Operations

Or at the airport for example. Our Apron Information and Warning System provides weather status information for the people at the apron area. They are better informed and better prepared to plan their actions. That is one more additional contribution to the safety.

Another great example at the airport is our Deployable DeIce LED Message Board Solution. De-ice operators can guide the pilot to the right spot and provide information about the process. Before operators used the radios for that purpose. Now they just have to click one button at the beginning of every stage and that is it.

Partners and Customers

We also make things easier for our customers project managers. We help them at every step to make otherwise so complicated projects as easy as possible for them, so they could make better decisions for their projects.

This is What We Are

That is what we are all about, that is who we are. We want to convert complicated things into simplified form. That is what makes the users and our costumers confident and happy.

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