How to Improve Operations at Port Area with LED Message Boards

Informing what is happening and where everyone needs to be going within a port area is always important. You can’t afford for someone to be going the wrong direction, or pulling into the wrong bays. That’s why it’s crucial that you have the right gear to inform and guide users.

Port Specific Conditions

The biggest problem that most ports face when choosing LED message boards is that they need to stand up to the wear and tear. After all, these are displays that are going to be used exclusively outdoors and weather is unpredictable. The wind, rain and even people all around can wreak havoc on those signs. Unless you go with the best quality. 

That’s where Ampron comes in. We manufacture rugged, heavy duty, high quality signs that you’re looking for in your port. You can check out for yourself to see what they’re really all about.

Integration to Third Party Software

These signs are designed to give drivers the interactive visual guidance. Therefore, they always know exactly where to go. That’s because you may integrate them to third party software with our proprietary software. So they say exactly what you want them to. Each board is built to your specifications, so it’s the perfect size, shape and more for your situation. But they are also built to help create smart traffic flow patterns and systems.

Ampron Rugged LED Message Boards for port

Traffic-flow management in a port area can be complex, but with Smart Port solution you can get all of that and more. You can speed up the process from when that truck pulls into your port and when it pulls back out again by creating a process that works. With the right signs, you can be sure that process is displayed to everyone who pulls into your space, and that is going to help you reduce confusion, enhance the experience and increase profits.

Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies are the answer to improve port area traffic management. They can be implemented to reduce both fuel consumption and the associated emission of greenhouse gases. Ampron LED Message Boards may be easily integrated into such solutions. Just contact us, tell about your challenge and we will describe how.

See how with the help of our Rugged LED Message Boards the traffic flow management is organised at the Port of Tallinn in Estonia. At one of the biggest ferry port in Nordic.

Video introduction by Hansab

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