3 Key Trends in Digital Signage Future

3 Key Trends in Digital Signage Future by Ampron - www.ampron.eu
In this article, we will summarise three key trends in the world of digital signage. Knowing where the trends are heading, helps you to make better business decisions and hopefully our roads cross in the fruitful cooperation.

Digital Signage Future Trends report delivers key market insights to help end-users and vendors alike get a sense of where the market is headed in terms of deployments and technologies on the horizon.

Some of these trends include:

  • Increasing deployments;
  • Better analytics;
  • More robust hardware.

The report gathered data from 464 end users across multiple verticals including schools, retailers, restaurants and others on how they are using digital signage and their future plans.

The survey revealed that end users across the board have already deployed digital signage or plan to deploy additional digital signage in 2019. It found that:

  • 54 percent of restaurants planned to deploy digital signage to more locations.
  • 40 percent of retailers planned to deploy digital signage in the future.
  • 63 percent of banks have deployed digital signage or plan to deploy it.
  • 69 percent of end users planned to deploy more displays.

Fight for Attention

In today’s retail environment, it can be difficult for retailers to connect with customers because distractions such as phones, billboards, and displays compete for user attention. For brick and mortar retailers especially, connecting to customers can be a major challenge. Therefore, marketers are adapting to new trends and appealing differently to customers. 

By using digital signage, retailers can be at an advantage to attract customers. 

According to the report, two-thirds of retailers surveyed said improved branding was the greatest benefit of digital signage, followed by improved customer service. Digital signage has been rapidly expanding its reach in nearly every market and area, especially indoors. Small and large retailers are using greater numbers of digital signage to advertise, promote branding, and improve customer experience.

Better Analytics

Typically, it has been difficult for end users to accurately measure the true impact of digital signage advertising. This issue is slowly disappearing, however, as analytics become more impactful.

“Proximity sensors and cameras with face recognition can measure exactly whether a person is within range and even whether that person is looking at the target medium,” Matthias Woggan, CEO, eyefactive, said in his blog for the 2019 Digital Signage Future Trends Report. “Modern algorithms are even able to detect parameters like age, sex and mood by analyzing the facial expressions on the camera footage.”

Woggan also pointed out how interactive touchscreens can measure where customers touch on the display, and end users can adjust content based on those insights.

End users can also use AI to analyze historical customer data to deliver more effective, personalized content.

More Robust Hardware

As analytics software develops, digital signage hardware is also keeping pace. Multiple industry experts in the report offered some key insights into hardware trends including:

  • An increasing number of direct-view LED displays in retail spaces.
  • Commercial grade digital signage hardware will help secure networks.
  • Mini/micro LED technology deliver better resolutions.
  • Outdoor displays will get larger.
  • Decreasing prices will help schools afford more digital signage.

As hardware gets smarter and cheaper, it is important for end users to stay on top of all these cutting- edge trends.

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